Dear customers, dear partners,

For over 20 years now, Maître Pierre has granted the utmost importance to the quality of its products. As cooks, we are and will remain faithful to our principles and to our philosophy: to create tasty recipes that are above all of the highest quality.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we select our suppliers with the highest care based on their compliance with good practices regarding food safety, their seriousness and the consistent quality of their products. All suppliers must fill in a precise questionnaire in which they commit to state the exact composition and origin of their products.

We then proceed to series of internal controls to fully ensure the quality of each ingredient used in our recipes. These series of controls supplement the ones put in place by our suppliers.

Once these checks have been carried out, analysis are made on each production lot: none of our products leave our production facility before the compliance of all checks, in particular those related to food safety and microbiological analysis. As the quality of our creations is essential, we also conduct tastings several times a day while they are being produced.

Also, our production facility is IFS certified (International Food Standard), an international standard that ensures compliance with good practices in terms of hygiene and food safety.

We are and will remain uncompromising concerning the quality of our recipes, it is our commitment to you, dear customers and partners.